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Persaingan Abadi Club Sepak Bola Dunia

10. Corinthians vs Palmeiras
[Image: Photo_Grid_1407496990191.png]

9. Nacional vs Penarol
[Image: Photo_Grid_1407497781454.png]

8. Fenerbahce vs Galatasaray
[Image: Photo_Grid_1407498145963.png]

7. Internazionale vs Milan
[Image: Photo_Grid_1407498367737.png]

6. Liverpool vs Manchester United
[Image: Photo_Grid_1407498552943.png]

5. Internazionale vs Juventus
[Image: Photo_Grid_1407498769098.png]

4. Boca Juniors vs River Plate
[Image: Photo_Grid_1407498981626.png]

3.Rangers vs Celtic
[Image: Photo_Grid_1407499353765.png]

2. Lazio vs Roma
[Image: Photo_Grid_1407499583163.png]

1.Real Madrid vs Barcelona
[Image: Photo_Grid_1407499825667.png]

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